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Sunrise Refractory Mullite Insulation Brick Performance

Date:2019-04-28 17:15 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Zhengzhou sunrise refractory mullite insulation brick production process is divided into: sintering method and electrofusion method.
Mullite insulation bricks are mainly refractory materials with aluminosilicate as the main mineral phase, with some excellent properties, while the high temperature properties of mullite products (especially high temperature creep properties) are high in the production of natural raw materials. Aluminum products are supreme. However, since mullite minerals are scarce, only synthetically synthesized mullite can be mixed in a certain ratio to form the only stable compound in the system at a certain temperature, that is, mullite crystals. The composition of mullite AL203 is about 79%, SI02 is suitable at 21%, but there is a certain amount of impurity components in the raw materials, which will cause the composition to reflect at high temperatures. Therefore, as the impurity components increase, the vitreous The content of corundum is increased, and the mullite is formed into a coarse crystal structure, so that the porosity of the product is increased, the thermal shock resistance and the corrosion resistance are lowered, and cracks are likely to occur.
Characteristics of mullite insulation bricks:
Low thermal conductivity: It has a good thermal insulation effect, which can make the thickness of the furnace wall thinner.
Low heat capacity: Due to its light weight and low thermal conductivity, the lightweight mullite brick series accumulates little heat energy, and the energy saving effect in the intermittent operation kiln is obvious.
Low impurity content: It has a very low iron and alkali metal low melt content and thus high refractoriness. The higher aluminum content allows it to maintain good performance under reducing atmosphere.
High thermal compressive strength.
Precise dimensions: speed up the masonry, thin and uniform bricks. Ensure that the masonry has high strength and high stability.
Can be processed into special shapes to reduce the number of blocks and seams.
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