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Brief analysis of masonry of boiler masonry by suppliers of high-quality refractory materials

Date:2020-05-08 16:52 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
1. Masonry preparation
(1) Conditions that should be available on the construction site

1) The combination and installation of the steel structure, heating surface, furnace wall parts and other devices of the construction site and the hydraulic pressure test have been completed and passed the acceptance.
2) The site of the furnace body construction site is cleaned and cleaned, and qualified after inspection.
3) The construction site shall have rain-proof or freeze-proof measures.

(2) Inspection of construction materials
The quality of refractory materials, heat insulation materials and their products used in furnace building should meet the requirements of corresponding national standards or industry standards. They should have a certificate of conformity and be subject to external inspection and sampling inspection.

(3) Stacking of construction materials
Refractory materials, insulation materials, fillers and mud materials are generally required to be stored in warehouses and sheds. Bricks should be stacked separately according to the order of application and different specifications, and stacked neatly.

(4) Construction materials preparation
The masonry work of the furnace body shall be carried out in accordance with the technical documents provided by the boiler manufacturer, such as the masonry drawings, masonry instructions, and masonry material preparation instructions.
2. Furnace masonry requirements
(1) Refractory materials and thermal insulation materials should be protected from moisture.

(2) Refractory mud is compatible with refractory bricks.

(3) The refractory brick masonry should be built with staggered seams and no through seams are allowed. The brick joint mud should be full and even:

(4) The brick joint of the masonry should be controlled at 23mm.

(5) The masonry should be flat and vertical, and the masonry should be inspected frequently.

(6) Soak the water before the red bricks are built, the surface of the masonry should be clean, and the surface of the red bricks should be jointed.
In the use of boilers, due to unqualified masonry quality, it will seriously affect the thermal efficiency of the boiler, waste fuel, and pollute the environment. This article analyzes the main factors of boiler masonry quality from the aspects of boiler design, construction, operation management, etc. In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the boiler, and to solve all aspects of the boiler installation process that may affect the quality of the boiler masonry.
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