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Protection measures of Refractory Material

Date:2017-05-26 18:03 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
The protection of the commonly used refractory material has several aspects:
1. Lining cooling
According to the cooling intensity, it will have effect on the life of high alumina insulating brick according to all kinds of mechanism. Cooling system is divided into slagging layer and gradient of slagging, the work surface temperature is decreased obviously, and has helped the water-cooling system on a certain level, the equivalent of refractory material and erosion of the interaction of solid state and liquid state product are balance, or  cause formation of slagging layer conditions. Gradient,  furnace temperature of refractory material is still the same, and approximately equal to the furnace space temperature, the temperature reduction of cold face, so that the lining increases  according to the thickness of the temperature gradient, and at a specified level, during furnace use in a certain period for the water cooling system.

2. The gunning of refractory material lining
On many occasions, gunning can obviously increase the lining life. Develop gunning (cover) can calculate lining with new sludge (by model) pouring used part without damage. Save raw materials.
3. Reducing erosion of eater
Refractory materials using slag erosion is one of the factors. The contact time of slag and refractory material  is the longer, the lining damaged is the larger .Test shows that the ladle lining damage and the thickness of slag layer actually has a linear relationship.
4. Prescribed temperature and gas system quota
Temperature and oxygen of steelmaking production, these important enhancer value, in the final analysis depends on the economic calculation. The most suitable value of the data carries with the nature of the compromise.
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