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Brief analysis of optimization and application of energy-saving technology for electric melting glass kiln

Date:2020-04-03 11:19 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Electric melting furnaces use electric energy as the only energy source, which melts glass into a glass liquid at high temperatures and directly acts as an electrical conductor for the Joule heating effect, and then continues to melt by virtue of the conductivity of the glass liquid itself. At this time, the kiln electrode is energized again, and the glass liquid automatically functions as a conductor to realize the kiln heating by its own heat.
The liquid surface of the glass is covered with a layer of raw material. The temperature in the space above it is 80 ~ 150 ℃, so the heat generated during the conductive process of the glass liquid can be absorbed by 100%. Both thermal efficiency and melting rate are very high. According to statistics, only about 20% of the heat in the electric melting furnace is lost in production, which can increase the energy saving rate by at least 25% compared with the fuel and gas flame furnace.
The promotion and use of electric melting furnaces is in line with national environmental protection industry policies and energy utilization policies. Fuel and gas flame furnaces will emit a large amount of harmful gases such as CO₂, SO₂ and ammonia nitrogen compounds during the combustion process, which will pollute the environment and consume a large amount of Water eventually becomes waste water, and if it is directly discharged without treatment, it will cause environmental pollution again. However, the electric melting furnace does not generate harmful gas because it uses only electricity for the whole process, and the amount of water consumed every day is also within 10t.
The cold-top electric melting furnace has completely changed the traditional flame heating furnace energy consumption mode, which can effectively make up for the deficiencies of traditional furnace technology. At present, Sunrise Refractory refractory electric melting furnace technology has made great progress. The matching refractory materials and electrode materials of the furnace have reached the design requirements, and the design of the all-electric furnace is becoming more mature. For more details, please contact us. Sincerely serve you!
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