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The Applications of Silica Insulation Brick

Date:2016-05-18 10:14 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Silica insulation brick is a very special material, mainly used in two industries: glass industry and steel industry. In most cases, it is used in the lightweight parts of the structural layer.
The Applications of Silica Insulation Brick
It is commonly used in the insulation layer of the crown of the glass furnaces to reduce the heat loss and increase the melting efficiency. Another application is the steel industry, manly the insulation layer of the wall of the hot stove and the dome. 
1. The insulation of the crown of the glass furnace
In the glass melting process, the temperature is high in the lower portion of the protrusion of the crown. According to the type of glass, the temperature is around 1600℃. The insulation layer is composed of two or more layers. 
The insulation brick is exposed to the high temperature. Each layer of the crown including structural layer and insulation layer is required to have the same or similar expansion property. Silica brick with a density of 1250kg/m3 or 1000kg/m3 can meet the requirements of the dense layer. The nest layer is built with silica brick with a density of 800Kg/m3 or 600kg/m3. 
The insulation silica brick can be stacked in the crown freely, or bonded with silica mortar. Within the campaign of the furnace, there is no chemical load. The insulation silica brick is mainly used, because its chemical and mineral composition is similar to that of the dense silica brick. 

2. The insulation of the hot stove
The hot stove is mainly used for the air blowing of the blast furnace. It is connected to the blast furnace blower. According to the shape and position of the hot stove, the temperature is around 1000-1300℃. The hot air is around the 2300-6500m3/min. 
The requirements of silica insulation brick in the hot stove is mainly focused on the thermal mechanical properties. For the insulation layer, silica insulation brick with a density of 1250kg/m3 or 1050kg/m3 is used, mainly because they have good strength. Compared to dense silica brick, it is also bonded with silica mortar. Meanwhile, among those components, it must satisfy the use of the whole service life of the hot stove (8-12years). 
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