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The Usual Standard for Selecting Refractory Insulation Materials Such as Insulating Bricks

Date:2019-09-03 11:25 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
The main behavioral characteristics of industrial kilns are determined by the technical and economic characteristics of refractory insulation materials, which immediately endangers the operating costs of the kiln, the characteristics of the work, the thermal efficiency, and the energy consumption of the operation. The usual criteria for selecting refractory insulation materials such as insulating bricks:
1. Characteristics and thermal insulation properties of the kiln. For furnaces that work in voids, raw materials with low thermal conductivity should be used.
2. Safe operating temperature of raw materials, heat transfer system software, high temperature compressive strength, and organic chemical reliability.
3. The service life of the application.
4. Project investment costs and maintenance costs for operations.
Generally speaking, high-quality refractory insulation materials are more focused on a certain technical performance parameters, such as high-temperature reliability, organic chemical reliability, etc.; lightweight concrete insulation materials pay more attention to the comprehensive investment estimate of capital investment and operation.
When using lightweight concrete insulation bricks, it is usually clarified by the heat transfer coefficient of the thermal insulation material and the cost of the insulation material per company. The small heat transfer coefficient value indicates that the thermal insulation material of the thermal insulation material is easy to use, and the power and energy consumption during operation is low.

The low cost per insulation capacity of the enterprise indicates that the project investment cost is low, and the actual effect of good project investment economic development is achieved. It can be selected by the coordinate diagram method, the abscissa is the operating temperature, the ordinate axis is the hoarding, the curve of each raw material is extracted with the safe operating temperature of the raw materials, and the raw materials with good technical and economic characteristics are selected.
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