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What kinds of refractory materials in sunrise refractory can be divided into?

Date:2019-03-12 16:21 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Company is the best refractory producer and supplier in China. Our company can provide customers with a wide range of refractory bricks, and ensure that our refractory bricks are of good quality and low price. So, what are the classifications of sunrise refractory materials? Let's take a look together?

According to the general and special classification, our refractory bricks can be divided into two categories: ordinary and special refractory materials.

1. Ordinary refractory materials refer to conventional products used in metallurgical furnaces, cement kiln, glass kiln and other thermal kiln furnace linings, mostly processed from natural raw materials. Ordinary refractories are classified into acidic, neutral and alkaline according to their chemical characteristics.
2. Special refractory materials are new inorganic non-metallic materials developed on the basis of traditional ceramics and general refractory materials. The materials used in special refractories are of high purity, mostly oxides, compounds and high-temperature composite materials, and are used in special kiln furnaces, smelting blast furnaces and other special parts with high temperature. Special oxide refractory products include alumina, cerium oxide, cerium oxide, calcium oxide, zirconium oxide, uranium oxide, magnesium oxide, cerium oxide and cerium oxide, and the melting point is 2050 ~ 3050 °C. Special compound refractory products include carbide (silicon carbide, titanium carbide, tantalum carbide, etc.), nitride (boron nitride, silicon nitride, etc.), boride (zirconium boride, titanium boride, tantalum boride, etc.), silicidation (molybdenum disilicide, etc.) and sulfides (barium sulfide, barium sulfide, etc.). Their melting point is from 2000 to 3887 ° C, of which the most difficult to melt is carbide. Special high temperature composite refractory products mainly include cermet, high temperature inorganic coating and fiber reinforced ceramic.
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