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Do You Know the Production Process of Mullite Insulation Bricks?

Date:2019-02-15 16:39 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Today, let me tell you about the production process of mullite insulation bricks from Zhengzhou sunrise refractory. Our company adopts the current grouting molding method for light mullite insulation brick production. After natural curing to demoulding, it is moved into a forced dryer for drying, and then fired at a high temperature. The fired body is mechanically polished. Finished product. The process is as follows:

Raw materials - Mixing - Grouting - Curing - Demoulding - Drying - Firing - Grinding - Inspection - Finished products

The order of feeding during the mixing process is:
Add the refractory raw material first, stir evenly, add the sawdust powder and stir evenly, then add water. The amount of water added is generally controlled at about 50%, so that the slurry maintains good fluidity and is easy to form. At the same time, it does not cause excessive moisture, which affects the curing time. In the process of stirring and mixing, an additive such as a water reducing agent or a green reinforcing agent is added. After the mud is mixed into a slurry, add the additive and mix again. The prepared mud is injected into the model to form, and is left to be maintained at room temperature to disperse and evaporate excess water in the mud. Generally, the mold can be demolded after being left for about 24 hours, and the moisture of the mud body is about 35%. When the moisture is reduced to 25%~30%, the drying car on the blank enters the dryer for forced drying, and the drying temperature can reach 110 °C. After drying for 24~48 hours, when the water content of the blank is less than 2%, the kiln is burned. to make. The firing is carried out in a 20m3 gas shuttle kiln, the firing temperature is 1 300 ° C, and the temperature is kept for 4 hours. After the fire is stopped, the temperature is lowered to below 200 ° C to exit the kiln. The fired blank is mechanically polished and finished, and the finished product is qualified after inspection. The appearance of the product is white, and the pores are mostly micro-pores of about 1 mm. The pores are smaller and more uniform, and the texture is finer.
Sawdust alone is used as a pore-forming agent, and a mullite lightweight insulation brick with excellent performance can be produced by a grouting method and adding a certain amount of additives. The process is simple, suitable for mass production, and does not use EPS raw materials, which is cost-effective and environmentally friendly. The density of mullite lightweight insulation brick produced by sunrise refractory material is about 0.57g·cm-3, and the thermal conductivity of 400°C is 0.16W·(m·K)-1. The thermal conductivity index of the product is better than the universal product. The effect is obviously improved, and it has good economic and social benefits.
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