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Preparation of refractory brick of water consumption

Date:2017-08-24 10:12 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin

Water consumption and nature of raw materials, mixing ratio, particle size distribution of raw materials, digestive way, PRESS model and so on. For example: When using cinder as fine aggregate, would need a large amount of water: When using sand, water consumption is small; using lime, water consumption; using carbide slag (the equivalent of lime) plus the amount of water can be reduced. Moisture refractory brick molding (ie, the total water weight) should be 19% - 23% of its raw materials in the water content in the mixing, grinding wheels and other processes in the amount of water added to the sum.

The amount of water is an important factor affecting the quality of products and refractory brick molding process. Water should ensure that the need to digest and hydration products formed in the process, the need to ensure good workability during molding. Too much or too little moisture forming refractory bricks will make a "overpressure" phenomenon molding, easily damage the press, in addition, the moisture will produce too little too thick refractory brick for brick, brick layers too easy to produce crack, these are affecting the appearance and quality of refractory bricks, resulting in waste.

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