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Optimization of refractory for corundum brick refractory

Date:2017-10-30 10:31 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Steel production is in the layout of the swap and optimization of the crux of the times. Because of their own products, technology is necessary for the perfect, including refractory information, including all kinds of basic raw materials, have made further optimization of the new request. In this paper, from the steel production in the future (including the beginning of the next century) to optimize the characteristics of the set off, the analysis of contemporary steel production with refractory data optimization of several key achievements.
1 contemporary steelmaking growth and optimization of the characteristics of tension
         Contemporary steel production optimization rate is fast, touch a wide range, and all walks of life and multi-disciplinary joint and careful, continuous growth is increasingly valued. In summary, the tense feature is to increase the speed of high efficiency, compact continuous, excellent low consumption, controllable and continuous growth. Steel production in this type of growth and optimization, played a focus and promote the probation, where only the characteristics of steel production for an overview.
(1) doubled quickly and efficiently
Rapid and efficient response in the: ① from the smelting, the essence of condensation to the formation of various key production rate to accelerate; ② large-scale equipment has a significant trend, and multi-functional combination of optimization; ③ slow beat flat furnace, molding, electric furnace three-stage smelting process And equipment gradually reduced. In this case, the continuous production of high efficiency is to mobilize steel production to increase the focus of rapid and efficient.
 (2) doubly compact and continuous
The continuous process of the steel production process, and towards the compact process of growth, but also to accelerate the efficient performance of tension. Continuous casting has become the foundation of a compact process, especially in the near-end continuous casting technology (excellent, high speed, high pouring rate, high service rate of efficient continuous casting technology to grow the highest grade) laid the foundation of the compact process. It should also be noted that the combination of hot metal pretreatment and the essence of molten steel (up to the central package, crystallizer) becomes an optimized combination of the new process tensions, which facilitates the process of compact and continuous growth.
(3) double excellent low consumption
Fast and efficient, compact continuous self is to improve the production of high-quality steel production of low tension. Continuous casting than casting a lot of effort and energy consumption of all kinds of raw materials, greatly improving the quality of steel products is already a household name reality. The continuous casting of the production process is stable, the quality of the increasingly stringent request to promote the advance of the molten iron pretreatment, the focus of molten steel as the focus of clean steel, dirty steel production skills of the rapid growth, and all kinds of raw materials are not polluted molten steel , And even further polluted steel.
(4) double controllable
High-speed, continuous, excellent steel production must be blamed the production process greatly progress in the degree of automatic control, and towards the intelligent bias growth, high-speed, continuous, excellent production characteristics and determine the new steel production must be fluent, , Solid, and there is no change. These high-grade production requirements, not only the need for advanced technology to ensure that the new generation to ensure that the necessary testing, control equipment and contemporary information technology support and its optimization of the effectiveness of various types of new fire-resistant data to ensure.
(5) to complete continuous growth
     Can continue to grow not only refers to the steel production of pollution management and the secondary capital of the comprehensive utilization of things to fully open up the perfect, the same tension is the low cost of the various processes of production, to reduce the consumption of steel pollution, to complete the steel The nature of the clean production, and the application of steel products and the use of life can be greatly improved.
        In the future of the increasingly fierce market competition, the contemporary steel production as long as the comprehensive promotion of the various aspects of the optimization process, the ability to really improve the quality and cost of the two siege of the competitiveness of the ability to make healthy growth.
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